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Tool 2.5: Checklist

ESA ECE Alignment Checklist

© GPE/Carine Durand


Developing the ECE section(s) for purposes of the Education Sector Analysis (ESA) report is an iterative process – that is, there are cycles of drafting, checking back, filling data gaps, etc.

The checklist may help the ECE technical working group (ECE TWG )to ensure smooth coordination or alignment between the ECE sections/chapter and the other sections of the ESA report. The checklist is divided into two sections: (a) process; and (b) ESA report format and content.


Using this tool will enable the ECE Technical Working Group (TWG) to:

When to Use this Tool

Using this tool will help the ECE TWG ensure that there is adequate alignment across the ECE and sector-wide analysis and reporting process for the purposes of developing the ESA Report.

This tool may be used at several points during the iterative ESA development process. For example:

  • When agreeing on a process and timeline for developing and validating the ESA’s ECE section(s) between the ECE TWG and key education stakeholders not part of the ECE TWG;
  • When determining and analyzing priority ECE indicators; and
  • After drafting the ESA’s ECE section(s) to ensure there is alignment with the broader education sector content.