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Self-Assessment Questionnaire

This self-assessment questionnaire is the starting point to help you identify which section(s) or tool(s) of the ECE Accelerator Toolkit is/are most relevant for your context.

Answer the questions by clicking on the buttons “Yes”, “Somewhat” or “No”. Once you complete this questionnaire, a suggested list of relevant sections and/or tools will be provided.

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    Current Step 1: Identify foundational tools
  • 2
    Step 2: Identify specific tools based on current country processes and characteristics
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    Suggested tools
1. Is there political will and momentum for Early Childhood Education in your context?
2. Do you have a good understanding of the “key building blocks” of an effective, quality Early Childhood Education subsector?
3. Has Early Childhood Education been defined as a distinct subsector (as part of the education sector and policy and/or multisectoral ECD agenda in your context)?
4. Has a mapping, review and analysis of the ECE subsector been conducted?