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Tool 1.1: PowerPoint Deck Template

Outlining Key ECE Advocacy Messages

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Advocacy can take many forms and may require a variety of assets and resources to support well-thought-out advocacy plans. This tool is only one suggested resource that can be used as part of more comprehensive advocacy initiatives for ECE.

This PPT deck gives you a set of slides summarizing the key ECE advocacy messages and policy recommendations based on UNICEF’s global report A World Ready to Learn: Prioritizing quality early childhood education. It highlights key global data and evidence as well as policy recommendations to scale up quality ECE.

The PPT template is meant to be adapted and contextualized to your needs and target audience (for example, a presentation to high-level stakeholders, a webinar with key stakeholders and actors, etc.). As such, region- or country-specific data, evidence or messages can be added so that the PPT can be made relevant for your context and advocacy purpose.


Using this tool will support your advocacy activities or initiatives to galvanize momentum around ECE. This is potentially a powerful way to strengthen the country’s political will around ECE supports and services. More specifically, this tool will help you to:

When to Use this Tool

This tool can be used as part of more comprehensive advocacy activities and initiatives around ECE.

The timing for advocacy will depend on each country’s context and entry points. For example, if there is a change in ministerial leadership requiring renewed advocacy for ECE, this tool can serve as a starting point for crafting a presentation to the new leadership. Key moments in your country’s planning and budgeting processes can also present opportunities for advocacy around ECE, such as during sector annual reviews, mid-term expenditure reviews, etc.

The tool constitutes an initial outline that can and should be tailored to your situation and based on the type of presentation that is required for your advocacy purpose.

Key Information

The PPT deck is a synthesis of UNICEF’s global report on pre-primary education, A World Ready to Learn: Prioritizing quality early childhood education. It follows the chapters of the report, while highlighting the key messages and data points.

For each slide, the “Notes” section at the bottom includes two parts:

  1. overall intent of the slide, which provides the big picture orientation/purpose of the slide; and
  2. key talking points, which propose the main elements of the slide that can be presented and/or discussed.  Again, please adapt to your needs and country context.

While the PPT is meant to be comprehensive, it should be tailored to the purposes and specific contexts of the setting and audience of the presentation. As such, please feel free to restructure the slides as necessary. For example, you may wish to add slides on region- or country-specific issues or data or delete slides that are not applicable. You can also add features to make the slides more interactive (such as animation features).

Furthermore, in addition to the “standard slides”, other optional slides are proposed – these are marked with a note in red on the slide (for example, “Note: Optional additional slide for Africa contexts”). Please feel free to include/adapt or delete these optional slides as relevant.

The global report contains a set of recommendations for each theme, as well as a final call to action. These are reflected in this slide deck, but please feel free to review and adapt the recommendations as necessary to ensure that they are applicable and relevant for your intended purposes/contexts.

Additional Resources