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Tool 3.2: Criteria, Recommendations and Checklists

Defining ECE Indicators and Target Setting

The form below synthesizes the MOOC Modules’ guidance on defining technical ECE indicators and builds on the MOOC to provide illustrative common considerations.  Although these considerations apply to all education subsectors developing the ESP, the criteria in this form is intended to be used by ECE TWG stakeholders to support defining and refining indicators across the results chain hierarchy. 

Defining ECE Indicators

Criteria and Considerations
  • 1
    Current All Indicators
  • 2
    Impact Indicators (i.e. indicators for policy priorities)
  • 3
    Outcome Indicators (i.e. indicators for strategies)
  • 4
    Output Indicators (indicators showing the activities’ results)
  • 5
    Input/Activity Indicators
  • 6
Are all indicators SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timebound)?


1.1 Is the indicator specific enough to measure progress toward the results?
1.2 Is the indicator sufficiently disaggregated (i.e. by sex, age, location, household wealth, and other vulnerability characteristics such as linguistic or ethnic minority, refugee, internally displaced population, children with disabilities)?


1.3 Are the indicators reliable, and a clear measure of results? This means the indicator may be observed, counted, analyzed, etc.


1.4 Do the indicators measure something that is feasible and realistic to implement? This means:

1.4.1 Are there the necessary human, financial, and technical resources for implementing this?
1.4.2 Is the time necessary to achieve this indicator available?


1.5 Is the indicator relevant to the intended outputs and outcomes?


1.6 Are data available at reasonable cost and effort?
1.7 Do data collection and analysis efforts align with when data is needed for reporting and planning cycles?

Checklist and Example

Applying ECE Target Setting Recommendations

The ECE TWG may use the checklist’s considerations to set, revise, and validate targets. An example from Sao Tome e Principe below illustrates how the checklist may be used.

Target Setting Considerations Checklist

Download the tool

3.2 Criteria recommendations and checklist ECE indicators
3.2 Criteria recommendations and checklist ECE indicators (French)
3.2 Criteria recommendations and checklist ECE indicators (Spanish)